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The Way of Mastery

Calling us to awaken as Christ-beings, this information comes to us through the transformational teachings of Jesus (Jeshua ben Joseph).  Not as some savior above, but as a friend and brother, he lovingly guides us to remember WHO we already ARE!  In 1975, Jesus’ A Course in Miracles taught humanity a way to heal the mind.  In 1997, via the conduit of Jon Marc Hammer, Jeshua brought us The Way of Mastery to heal the human heart.

CLASSES: Facilitated by Jerilee Camille Newby 


For further Info & to Register, call 541-482-5494
*NEWEST TEACHING: In 2005, this teaching became available in one beautiful volume as the “way home” – taught to Jeshua himself and now offered to our human family.  In 35 Lessons this book reveals a pathway into self-love, forgiveness, embracing the perfection in every moment, remembering our wholeness.  Jeshua touches on every aspect of living in today’s world as Christ-beings.  With delightful humor, gentle direction & practicality he guides the way to correction of beliefs that seem to separate us from realizing our union with the The Divine.  The one question left is:  How much of God am I willing to receive and then extend to the world?

*WE WILL UTILIZE the book, The Way Of Mastery, CDs of Jeshua’s voice via the conduit of Jon Marc Hammer, music, meditation & our own experiences to bring the lessons to life in our HERE & NOW awareness & outward actions.

*WE WELCOME YOU to join us on the pathway to self-love and forgiveness, embracing the perfection in every moment and awakening to the Truth that we have always been FREE!


Since the 1960s, Camille has been a Teacher, Music & Writing conduit, Composer, & Singer.  She is certified in the following healing modalities: Journey Practitioner, Rising Star Healing Practitioner/Teacher, Prema Birthing Practitioner/Teacher & Nutritional Herbalist.

With a BA in Education, teaching in public schools, in Myrtlewood School (which she co-founded in 1978) & as a Waldorf Teacher in Southern Oregon, Camille has lived in 7 countries & several states, deepening her understanding of the huge shift in consciousness expanding worldwide.  Growing up in a conscious family in the ‘40s & ‘50s, her parents focused on global peace, learning & practicing organic principles on Gandhi-inspired farms.  In the ‘70s, she became a member of Findhorn (“University of Light”) in Scotland.  These seed-beginnings inspired her to found Golden Earth Center in 1994 – a healing center/retreat in Southern Oregon.

Class on Thursdays, 7-9 pm.  For more information & to register, call 541.482.5494.

ENERGY EXCHANGE:  To further expand this teaching, DONATIONS ARE WELCOME!

Photo Credits:  Gifted by Camille’s daughter, Janis Christine Meadows

© Copyright 2008

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