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Children's Songs From Nature:  Drawing Out the Human Values by J. Camille Newby
To enhance the journey to health & freedom, this CD of original music is universally loved by children & adults alike. Inspired in Nature, it speaks deeply to the heart. Circulating globally, it is finding a special place within families, classrooms, musical presentations & dramas. Some songs invite lively movement. Others are more reflective & peaceful.  See our testimonials page. Click Image to View Details

Children's Songs From Nature: Drawing Out the Human Values by J. Camille Newby
How often do we take the time to stop and spend time in Nature? What is life really about on Mother Earth? When we are open, we have an opportunity to learn essential lessons for a happy life! Heard on the CD of the same name, this music book contains 14 beautifully handprinted songs with music notation & chords. Like the CD, the music book universally appeals to all ages & cultures around the world.  See our testimonials page.
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THE JOURNEY, by Brandon Bays
In this captivating book the author takes us on a journey of astounding discovery - into the Wisdom of our own heart. Where Deepak Chopra's research left off in Quantum Healing, Brandon finds the key to our inner Source & how to change cellular memories that cause dis-ease & that block our full potential. She shows us how to easily bring forgiveness to whatever our issues in life might be - restoring vibrant health on the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual levels of being.  Click Image to View Details

THE JOURNEY for Kids: Liberating Your Child's Shining Potential by Brandon Bays
Where THE JOURNEY ends Brandon resumes her own heart-warming experiences of how The Journey finds its way into hundreds of schools in South Africa, and at present is circling the planet. She relates how we are all born into this world as shining diamonds, whole, radiant & pure. And through the painful challenges of life, "this diamond can seem to get covered over with layer upon layer of limiting patterns." By experiencing "The Journey for Kids", the lives of countless children are deeply, joyously healed, liberating their true shining potential! Included in this book is "A Healing Adventure For Kids".  Click Image to View Details

FREEDOM IS, by Brandon Bays
In a profoundly inspiring flow of consciousness, personal life's experiences & deep meditations, Brandon guides us into liberating our own infinite potential. She leads us into the Freedom that IS - available to every human, as we open to the truth of "who we are".
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FREEDOM IS:  Liberating Your Boundless Potential
This is a companion CD for the book, FREEDOM IS. Read by the author, Brandon Bays, it allows you to experience the guided meditations with an effortless, easy flow. 
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THE JOURNEY Processes spoken by Brandon Bays
This companion to THE JOURNEY enables you to have Emotional & Physical Journeys at home. Note: Over the years the Journeys have been further evolving, allowing one to move through blockages with more tools than in the original version. Though the processes on the CD go along with the original book, they are a helpful way to begin, to acquaint you with Brandon's Source-inspired discovery.
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