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“No matter how deep the issue is and no matter how much you have struggled with it, the possibility exists
 for you to become absolutely free, whole and healed. You are capable of getting to the root cause
of these  issues, resolving them, letting them go completely, and setting yourself free to live
your life at your highest potential, as a full expression of your true self.” - Brandon Bays


Individualized Retreats

We offer single and double retreats in the South Wing of our home for those who want to deeply immerse themselves in The Journey, in the boundless ocean of Source. One, two and three-day retreats are available where you can let go, breathe deeply and be nurtured.
Perhaps you have already felt inspired reading The Journey, by Brandon Bays. You might have even experienced a Journey process or two. And you may be aware of how powerfully life-changing the sessions have been - from your own direct experience. Many times our souls, our bodies, or a crisis in life propels us to immerse ourselves in an environment that invites health to unfold easily, of its own accord.
 Golden Earth Center’s mission is to provide such an environment. People have felt nurtured in our beautiful location amidst a few hidden valley households tucked away in a sea of green foliage. From every window one sees a rich escarpment of friendly, swaying trees stretching for miles, surrounded by ridges, hills and mountains to the South. Those who visit often spontaneously speak about the quiet peace they feel when they arrive. As they walk through groves, meadows and near the singing creek, visitors feel refreshed and more alive.
One, Two and Three Day Retreat Options
All retreats have personalized options to help meet
your wellness needs.
Each retreat includes:
One or Two Designer Journey Processes

One Prema Birthing or Rising Star Healing Session

Nutritious organic whole food, vegetarian meals

A peaceful, quiet environment

Abundant wonders of Mother Nature

Sleeping in a bedroom with views of oak woods, or in a loft with
   skylights beneath the star-studded sky, far from city lights.

Your retreat options may further include:

Additional Designer Journey Process

Other types of Journey Sessions

Meditating by the altar or out of doors

Walking amidst meadows, woods, creek and hills

Watching, honoring and listening to the animals - birds,
  deer, squirrels,  rabbits,  and other animals who share this
  wildlife sanctuary with us

Breathing clear mountain air from the South Deck, and beyond

Observing a sunrise or sunset

Reading quietly in varied sitting places

Discovering the large variety of holistic experiences &
  practitioners  in the surrounding  locale of Southern Oregon.

And other possible options to assist you in your opening, deepening, rejuvenating retreat.

Our aim is to nurture you on your journey into the vibrant health that is inherently yours.
Please let us know what you may need.




Immersed in one or more Journey sessions you are welcoming an opening into stillness, freedom and unconditional love. If you are like many of us, we are more likely to embrace health in a space beyond the many responsibilities of our typical busy lives - where we may more easily relax, breathe deeply, and give our body and being an opportunity to discover its own health, naturally. The processes can bring huge clearing and activity on the cellular level. How wonderful to allow your body and spirit to be in a sacred atmosphere where you can simply focus on wellness, surrounded in the arms of nature.
Brandon Bays lets us know that this is a journey, not a destination, and that when you are in crisis, get as many sessions as you can. This Journey Retreat invites you to do just that.

Retreat Opportunities

Journey Processes of different kinds are also available as options. (If needed, please see “Journey Processes”)

Rising Star Healing originates from ancient Egypt & Tibet. This Source-directed system profoundly clears/heals each chakra for up to 21 days following a session. It is offered onsite at Golden Earth Center by Camille, Certified Practitioner/Teacher of this powerful system.

Prema Birthing originates from ancient Egypt and mystery schools around the world,. It is the most loving way to be REBORN into love. A certified Practitioner/Teacher, Camille further offers this modality as a retreat option.


At Golden Earth, Camille is also an alternative certified Nutritional Herbalist. We offer delicious organic whole food vegetarian meals with a seasonal variety of fruits & veggies. The evening meal will provide nourishment, to maximize vibrant wellness for your retreat. Alternative options: #1 Dairy & eggs can optionally be provided upon request. #2 Providing/cooking your own meals in the private kitchen on site - See Rates. #3 For those requiring meat, there are many excellent restaurants 1/2 hr. away.
Is this unique experience meant for you? Ask your inmost heart. If you hear, sense, feel or somehow know the answer to be “yes”, contact us now for your Custom-Individualized Retreat.


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