"Nature is a symphony" - Dr. Deepak Chopra

Do you have an issue that needs to focus on an animal in your life? Does your heart truly yearn to understand what your pet may need for a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life? Is there something you long to know about how to peacefully co-exist with a particular kind of bird or animal in your yard, your neighborhood, the community or wider environment? The Animal Journey gently guides you to easily access your body’s own wisdom, beyond mind-talk, where you easily connect with the essential nature of the animal. In the vast space within you, where answers and solutions are ever available, the animal or bird is given voice.

I invite you to explore the Animal Journey. You may be surprised by what you discover! From personal experience, I believe animals are here to help us awaken to our true nature. When we are open and willing to pay attention, we recognize their depth of caring, patience, wisdom, and yearning for humankind to wake up to what animals can teach us, as humans who underestimate their capacities.



An Experience with Mother Bear on Golden Earth Center’s 22 Acres - Some time ago I was considering whether or not to continue attending and giving considerable support to a particular retreat located some distance away. On a meditation walk, with this question foremost in my heart, I entered Fir Grove, isolated far from human habitation. Suddenly, I saw a very large bear cub running South of me, perhaps 50 feet away. Instantly stopping, my body alert, I opened to the exquisite beauty of the cub, with the sun’s morning rays filtering through the trees, highlighting it’s shimmering coat as it disappeared amidst the foliage. Drinking in the joy of this experience, I stood for minutes, in wonder. To my surprise, I then noticed a much larger shape...Mother Bear in profile...perhaps 60 feet directly below & East of me. From where had she come? Surely I would have noticed her before now, as the trees were quite small here. In what seemed a deliberate manner, Mother Bear turned and began weaving slowly through the firs...precisely in my direction! On red alert, my thinking mind would have me immediately backing uphill from where I had entered Fir Grove. However, some deeper part of me - a place of “inner knowing” - seemed to sense that this was an experience I was meant to have. Standing rooted to the spot, I chose to surrender the part that felt fear for my very life. This surrender to Source seemed to create an expansive inner space allowing me to shine out love for Mother Bear who continued advancing towards me, in seeming slow motion. Softly letting her know of my love, I welcomed her and her cub into Fir Grove. She was now about 15 feet before me. I said aloud, “Mother Bear, I know you are here to serve me, with love.” With this, she stopped, held up her paw, and lifting her head, looked at me several times as I gazed directly at her, for what seemed an eternal time. Then slowly turning, she walked North, stopped and looked back at me. Circling West, she paused and looked long once more. At that point, my legs began backing up in the direction opposite from her, until she was no longer visible.

Amazed by this & still unsure of whether or not to attend the other retreat, that night I had a dream. Standing as tall as a giant grizzly, Mother Bear came clearly before me and simply said: “Nurture yourself.” In the following two days, during an Animal Journey, this became even more clear. Though one part of me wanted to support the other retreat that I’d been involved with over the past 10 years, a higher truth seemed to be that it was now high time for me to “nurture myself”. It was clear that I was to focus on Golden Earth Center, in my Life’s Purpose as a “beacon of love”. Its vision is to inspire others, as humanity opens into an expanded consciousness of WHO we are, and our unique, individual purposes for living on Earth at this particular time. Called by varying names, the Hopi’s see it as “The Fifth World of Peace and Enlightenment”. Ascended Masters call it the Permanent Golden Age, while other groups refer to it as the Aquarian Age, the New Age, or the New Millennium.

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Bibliography - For further info on animals as wise teachers for humankind, see:
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(Note: I especially learned that animals are here to serve us with love.)

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