"Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi.


Preferring my middle name, I’ll introduce myself as “Camille”. How thankful I feel to have experienced the intensive training with Brandon Bays, and to be a certified Journey Practitioner! When a friend lent me The Journey, I couldn’t put it down until it was finished. And by then my heart was on fire and inexorably pulled me into this training. I saw it as a highly-effective transformative vehicle in service to life. And the Source-inspired inner Journeys I experienced brought profound self-revelations on all levels. As I view it, universal teachings often emphasize that we are already whole and free. It is my Mission to assist each one of us to open into an awareness of the pristine diamond of our essential Being, beyond our unconscious ego patterns. I feel grateful to learn from each person who comes to me. I feel blessed to assist each one on journeys into freedom, to rejoice with each deep transformation, and to sustain this vision as it becomes the outer reality for each one. My Life's Purpose, revealed during a Journey Purpose session, is to be “a beacon of love” here on Earth. My intent is to live this daily in the highest way I know. You may notice the enthusiasm with which I speak of The Journey and the vital way it has influenced my life.


Spanning the last 49 years I’ve had a broad-spectrum education & experiential background. First teaching in California public schools, I later became a co-founder of Myrtlewood School. The Mission was to provide a more holistic approach to learning, in close connection with nature. This grew out of an experience of living with my family at Findhorn, Scotland in 1976, where I worked with pre-school children as well as being a prolific composer/singing artist. In the mid-80s, I studied “Uncovering the Voice” at Emerson College, England. And in the late ‘80s I trained to become a Waldorf Teacher in New Zealand, finally teaching in a Waldorf School in the ‘90s. In 1999-2000 I became a Nutritional Herbalist through Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, and have had intensive immersion in local Hellinger Family Constellation and Hakomi Trainings. Composing music for over 40 years, I recently completed a CD & book of “Children’s Songs from Nature: Drawing Out the Human Values”, and for over 25 years have created/hosted Intergenerational Family Festivals to celebrate life, honoring our Earth Mother. Being exposed to both East and Western thought - while living, studying and/or teaching in seven countries along with extensive travel - has allowed me to expand my perspective of life on our small planet. And ever more profoundly I recognize our essential Oneness.


Mission and Purpose:

Drawing on this eclectic background, Golden Earth Center’s Mission focuses on creating a spirit-inspired community-oriented model that nurtures living in balance with Mother Earth for the coming generations - including the awakening of our human family. It’s Purpose is to provide a center, classes, retreats, sustainable organic gardens, music studio, and ongoing intergenerational family festivals, in a protected nature sanctuary. While doing this, our intent is to increasingly open into a learning environment where stone, plant, animal, bird, human, & angel are co-creator/teachers, drawing on the richness of what each form has to offer to the whole. It is my hope that this Mission/Purpose will continue to deepen with each new generation, as the seeds of this were planted within me while growing up on a small Gandhi-inspired organic farm. My parents focused on a loving family environment, including peaceful action in the wider world community.

History and Description:

Within this seed-rich lineage, in 1994, Source inspired me to come here to create this holistic community-focused home/center. We are located in a valley where Native Peoples held sacred rituals for centuries. The South Wing is dedicated to activities, including The Journey, massage and other alternative offerings. The center is surrounded by oaks, and the 22 acres of deciduous trees, evergreens, creek and meadows offer places to walk, meditate and feel nourished within the abundance of wildlife, prolific music of birds, water and windsong.

Full Wellness

Experience a vibrant inner-being.

Full Freedom

Embrace full freedom as your true self.

Natural Healing

Natural, spiritual health and healing.