Your Journey process generally lasts around two to three hours. I might ask a question, such as “What brought you here?” or “What’s on your heart?”. In this conversation, we’ll become clear about the core issue or concern you want to focus on for our session. When we are both clear on the issue, you will be gently led into relaxation. Once you are feeling relaxed, I will lead you into a simple meditation/visualization where you will open into your emotions for the Emotional Journey. For a Physical Journey we will journey into your body to discover a cellular memory. Or in a Designer Process we will uniquely combine the two processes, specifically creating it for you.


When you have uncovered a memory, you will have an opportunity for a “fireside chat” with the people related to your issue and the memory of it. You will sit in front of a safe, unconditionally-loving, imaginary “campfire”.

You’ll have a chance to say anything that wants to be said while you open to stored emotions and memories, allowing them to be easily changed & released. This allows you to embrace forgiveness in a natural way. By the end, you’ll discover yourself to be immersed in a bath of deep stillness, love and freedom.

Following your session, I will recommend that you give yourself time to lovingly nurture your body and your being, to best support yourself in this profound process. You will leave feeling open, peaceful, and very different than when you arrived and with a plan that we will discuss together.

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