"This is the time of the ordinary awakening. This means YOU, not only those born under the brightest start but the ordinary person as well." -Gangaji

Journey Immersion Packages

Are you ready for a “deeper dive” into Freedom? When once we experience a Journey Process and have a taste of the healing freedom it brings, we often yearn for a deeper, fuller immersion. It’s true that in one session “The Journey” has profoundly uncovered wholeness within many people. And - for the majority of us - there seem to be layers of “mud” covering the diamond of our being. These layers usually affect our lives unconsciously in a variety of ways. For you, one Journey may be all you feel drawn to experience. Others of us may yearn to move beyond imprisoning emotional behaviors, outworn beliefs and health concerns that have seemingly prevented us from living our life’s purpose fully. Golden Earth offers differing types of cost-effective packages to meet this need.


Uncover and Release!
Reveal and release those layers that allow you to experience fuller energy, deeper happiness and greater health.
3 Designer Journey Processes - See Rates

Expansive Freedom
Welcome freedom and the fullness of life that your inmost being knows is possible!
5 Designer Journey Processes - See Rates

Deep Immersion Transformation
Invite expansive freedom into your unbounded self. Discover more vibrant health, greater abundance and deeper relationships. Change stunting behaviors, dissolve crippling blockages & imprisoning beliefs. Awaken into an awareness of Who you truly are. 12 Designer Sessions include your Life’s Purpose & No-Ego. This is typically a one-year package. And processes can be scheduled within a shorter period of time, if desired.
12 Processes - See Rates

Children’s Freedom
This gift can transform the life of your child. With several children’s processes your young one can easily open into the reality of their shining inner potential. (Appropriate for ages 8-12.)
3 Children’s Journey Processes - See Rates

Healthy Family Transformation
This package embraces healthy transformation for your family. It allows you and your children to release unhealthy patterns and open into the expansive freedom of your true nature. It invites you to support your children as the beautiful diamond inside each of them is unveiled.
4 Processes. - See Rates

2 Adult Designer Journeys, 2 Child's Journeys
The package options described above are uniquely created Designer Journeys for each person (adults & teens). Alternatively, you may choose to have a Physical, Emotional or Life’s Purpose Session. And, if you are not completely satisfied after the first process, you pay only for that journey. - See Rates

(NOTE: For more info on “The Journey”, “What to Expect” and the different “Journey Processes”, we invite you to look at those links above.) Contact us to schedule your package! Please visit our "Product Page" for fine Books & CDs!

Full Wellness

Experience a vibrant inner-being.

Full Freedom

Embrace full freedom as your true self.

Natural Healing

Natural, spiritual health and healing.