"“The internal dialogue of every cell in the human body is, 'How can I help?' - Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Within each one of us there is infinite potential. We see this in small children - in their spontaneous joy and freedom. And - it’s still within each of us. We might liken it to a shining diamond. Only in most of us, this diamond of our being is covered in layers of “mud” - hurtful memories, strategies of defense, negative beliefs & protecting masks that have accumulated over our lifetime. And many times we feel trapped, limited by blocks, emotions, and patterns that don’t serve our purpose for being on earth. Does this apply to you? Do you feel trapped or blocked - emotionally, behaviorally and/or physically? Is the pristine diamond that is your true essence covered with layers of “stuff”? The Journey welcomes us into the possibility of effectively, easily discovering the root cause of an issue. It invites us to dissolve the layers underneath which we find ourselves immersed in a bath of love, joy and peace - that has been ours all along.


The Journey contains a gift - our boundless Freedom

It is a simple and deep journey that leads us into our soul’s very center. It illumines our essence. A door opens into the vast intelligence that causes our breath to flow in and out and our heart to beat - even when we are asleep. It’s the same ocean-like inner intelligence that can orchestrate in the body, as it welcomes and moves beyond almost all physical issues or dis-ease. Brandon Bay’s bestselling book, The Journey, is currently circling the planet. It’s seen as one of the most potent “leading edge” healing modalities, accessing our body’s own wisdom which opens the door into our deepest level of soul.

With a tumor the size of a basketball, Brandon totally surrendered and was then catapulted on an incredible, ultimately freeing journey in the midst of which she gained access to the infinite healing potential that dwells within each one of us. Several weeks later she was tumor free - without drugs - without surgery!


Results are deep and lasting

All over Earth, hundreds of thousands of children and adults are healed and free of issues concerned with fear, guilt, rage, grief, depression, addictions, eating imbalances, anxiety, abuse, panic attacks, unworthiness, unhealthy behaviors, chronic pain and physical dis-ease.

How does it work?

Through Brandon’s earlier work with Dr. Deepak Chopra, she knew that there were two essential keys to spontaneous healing. The first key is that healing begins by gaining access to the body’s boundless wisdom that keeps our hair growing, our eyes shining, and our breathing functioning. The second key is to gain access to the cell memories, and then to change and release them.

Emotions are the Door

Our emotions allow us to open the door into our true self. Brandon tells of an experience with a spiritual teacher when a student asked, “What do I do if an intense emotion comes up for me - how do I find peace in that?” The teacher replied, “Just don’t move. Let yourself be completely present to the emotion. Welcome it. If a negative emotion arises, don’t run away from it; don’t run off to the refrigerator to eat some food; don’t call your friends to disperse its energy by gossiping about it. Just stop and feel it. Just let yourself be present to it. You’ll find if you don’t try to distract yourself from it, or push it away or, worse still, dump it on someone else; if you stay still, if you are really present to it - in the very core of the feeling you will find peace. So when you feel a powerful emotion, just let it be - DON’T MOVE. Welcome it.”

Though Brandon did not grasp this at first, she later discovered that the “peace” her teacher spoke about was our vast body wisdom - in the very core of our being. And Brandon’s Emotional Journey process does exactly what the spiritual teacher recommended. It gracefully leads you through your emotions into your core, opening you into the space of wisdom, peace and quietness. This place of freedom, of lightness, love, joy - has different names. In The Journey we call it "Source"; athletes may call it “The Zone”; scientists can label it as “Quantum Soup” or a “place of no mind”. Others call it the “true self”, the “higher self”, “soul”, or “Truth”. Still others name it “The Infinite Intelligence” or “God”.

The Science of It

It is well-known science that our body’s cells regenerate constantly. Eye cells regenerate every two days, liver cells every 6-7 weeks. Knowing this, one might ask, “If someone has liver cancer in June, why do they still have it six months down the line in December, when the organ is, in fact, brand new several times over?” Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of Quantum Healing, teaches us that what is actually happening is that the “cell memory” is being carried into each new generation of cells, carrying the degenerative cancer cells into the new cell through the cell memory.

Another scientist, Dr. Candace Pert, author of the best selling book Molecules of Emotion, is a well-known cellular biologist working in Washington D.C. She has, on a number of occasions, spoken to the US Congress about her findings on the effect that repressed emotions have on our cells. She’s also interviewed throughout the acclaimed movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” on that topic. Dr. Pert has unequivocally discovered that whenever we have an intense, powerful emotion that we repress or shut down, specific chemical changes take place in our bodies. These changes can affect certain cell receptors, blocking those cells from communicating with the other cells in our bodies. If these affected cell receptors remain blocked over a long period of time, there is an increased likelihood that if disease occurs, it will occur in the part of the body where the cell receptors are blocked. When we feel and express our emotions healthily, fully and wholesomely, our cell receptors remain open.

Allowing feelings to flow releases cellular memory and unblocks cell receptors. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology Of Beliefs, also discusses in great depth the connection between emotions and beliefs and the physical well-being of our bodies. And Journey clients worldwide attest to the healing that can occur when pain and distortion are cleared from the cell memory.

Full Wellness

Experience a vibrant inner-being.

Full Freedom

Embrace full freedom as your true self.

Natural Healing

Natural, spiritual health and healing.