Children almost intuitively know this process because it seems natural to them. Results with Kids’ Journeys are as deep as they are for adults. And - it takes about a third or quarter of the time. Watch a small child if you want to observe the natural behaviors of who we are, innately. Young children shine radiantly. In touch with their essence they are teachers for us, if we but take the time to really see them. They haven’t yet hidden themselves behind the many protective masks that we so often use - usually unconsciously.

The Child’s Journey is a type of guided adventure for children - a child-friendly process, resembling the adult Physical Journey. Children really like it. They readily express their emotions, speak what needs to be heard and they easily forgive.


Children’s inspiring results:

A six-year-old told her mother, "I LOVED The Journey with Camille! My tummy isn’t hurting now!" Though she had been having ongoing stomach aches, her mother told me one month after The Journey, "Since the process you did with Maria, there has been no more problem with her stomach. It’s healed!" -Maria (6), Pennsylvania

Ten-year-old John was diagnosed with ADD. He was withdrawn, hostile and failing at school. After several Journey processes, he is now warmly affectionate and top of the class.

Seven-year-old Sonia had chronic allergies and acute asthma. After working with the Journey, she is completely allergy-free.

Eight-year-old Ramona was emotionally shut down after her parents’ divorce. The Journey enabled her to forgive her parents and return to her confident, loving self. She is now happily enjoying life!


At Golden Earth

I do Journey Sessions in person especially when you live nearby, or when you would like to come to Southern Oregon, famous for its Shakespearean plays, Lithia Park, hiking trails, skiing, Britt Festival, river rafting and more. This is also an option when you decide to immerse yourself in Golden Earth Center’s in depth Immersion Packages. We offer “Children’s Freedom” and “Healthy Family Transformation” packages in our home surrounded by nature. In the South Wing, we have a B & B type of family facility. (For Single Sessions see "Processes"; for Emersion Packages see "Journey Packages".)

To gift your child with a Kid’s Journey on the path to happiness, wholeness and freedom, contact me.

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