“Camille has a true gift for creating and teaching in sacred space. She has mastered the heart and brings in years of wisdom, generosity and love to every training she gives. I couldn’t recommend someone more highly.”
M.S, Writer and Healer, Seattle, WA
(Referring to our Rising Star Page)
“Camille has an extraordinary gift that made me feel incredibly safe, secure and loved during all my Journey processes. I had the pleasure of experiencing a 2-day Journey retreat at the Golden Earth Center. My overall experience from the 2 days was very positive and I now feel open to infinite possibilities. For several months before my retreat I had been completely stuck in fear, doubt and victim energy. With Camille’s guidance I have now moved through to the other side of feeling free to be what I want to be. In less than a week after my processes I found a new place to live and am excited to live my Life’s true Purpose of feeling joy and sharing it with others. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you and your work Camille.” - Anne , Oregon
“Camille is an extraordinary gift to the Journey. I feel as if I was wrapped in love from beginning to end. [With each session] I experienced physical and emotional healing on a very deep, profound level. I felt a connection to God that I never felt before. And I left in complete gratitude, beyond words.” In a personal message: “You are my favorite Journey Processor. You are so gifted with this. I feel so safe with you, in every way, Camille.”
-Brenda H, Pennsylvania
(Referring to our Physical/Emotional/Vow Change/Designer/Life’s Purpose Journeys)
A six-year-old told her mother, “I LOVED The Journey with Camille! My tummy isn’t hurting now!” Though she had been having ongoing stomach aches, her mother told me one month after The Journey, “Since the process you did with Maria, there has been no more problem with her stomach. It’s healed!”
-Maria (6), Pennsylvania
(Referring to our Children's Journey)
“Camille, you are a significant person in my life with The Journey Processes. I want you to know how grateful I feel towards you. I’ve changed a lot [in relation to] self-worth, accepting myself as valuable. It’d be hard to go back to my old self. Within my social relationships - including with fellow musicians - I’ve been able to remain in integrity, & to stay centered. When I’m feeling an emotion, I use...tools you gave me. I [welcome the emotion & then] drop through it into Source. For this I feel much gratitude.”
-Curtis, Southern Oregon - Young Adult - Composer/Musician/Sound Healer ( Referring to our Emotional/Designer/Life’s Purpose/Phobia Cure Processes-Self-worth)
“Your processing with me, Camille, is a continuing gift. I’m astounded all over again at what phenomenal work this is. My whole life has changed! I let my old, overly exhausting job go. Now I am actively involved in Hospice nursing which is my passion - that’s part of my Life’s Purpose. And, I’ve found a new home [close to my new job] so I’m packing to move!”
-Donna - RN/CHPN, Portland, OR.
( Referring to our Designer Life’s Purpose Journey)

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